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Encuentro Mundial Matrimonial®

Your daily dose of dialogue questions


We have placed some random dialogue questions here for your use in several different categories. If you refresh the page, you will also refresh the questions.

We have over 900 questions that will show up here.



About Life

The time I feel most alive is _________. DFILD.


How do I feel while I am saying mass, giving a service, etc.? Describe in loving detail.


WAMFA attending Mass on Sundays?

Hopes & Dreams

What did I first long for in our relationship when we first married/when I was first ordained? When I/we were first encountered? Do we/I still long for that? HDTMMF?

About Life

HDIFA the anniversary of Roe vs Wade?

School & Education

When I reflect back on the grades I got in school, HDIF?

Labor & Work

HDIFA the number of hours I work?

The Lighter Side

Your sexiest outfit is.......... HDTMMF?

A New Heart

When was the last time I was overcome with the power of our love? HDIF?

Parenting & Family

HDIFA telling our children I love them at least once a day?

Prayer Life

How long do I think family prayer should last? HDIFAMA?


HDIF when I have to ask you for _______?

Starter Set

HDIF when you make a sacrifice for me?




La misión del Encuentro Mundial Matrimonial es proclamar el valor del Matrimonio y las Órdenes Santas en la Iglesia y en el mundo.


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-John 13:34-35

Este mandamiento nuevo les doy: que se amen los unos a los otros. Así como yo los he amado, también ustedes deben amarse los unos a los otros. De este modo todos sabrán que son mis discípulos, si se aman los unos a los otros.